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Trading in Wine for a Beer

Okay, so all of you know me as the Wine Connoisseur. True. I love my wine and consider myself a bit of a

A beer that rivals wine?

wine snob, in a down to earth kind of way, but truth be told I’ve recently discovered some beers that I actually like. Shocker, I know! I stumbled upon the perfect beer bar…. Not too crowded, not flooded with scents of grease, not dark, dingy or loud.

The Coffee Bar is what it’s called and serving beer is what they do best. Stop in to cool off your hot summer swamp-ass with a flavorful Belgian Dark ale that’s as flavorful, if not more, than a glass of Cabernet. Try the North Coast Brother Thelonious from California. At about 9% alcohol, it’s as strong as a Riesling, but darker and richer with a nose of chocolate, gingerbread, and candied orange rind, and tastes just as good as it smells. It will warm your insides as it cools you down. Now that’s an irresistible feeling!

4 Responses

  1. if you think brother thelonius is delicious to drink, you should try braising some pork shoulder in it!

    • Hey Jonathon, that’s a great idea. I cook with wine all the time, but have never cooked with beer. Do you have a recipe? I’d like to try it, and I could even post your recipe on SB&S!

  2. did you meet Stephen the manager while you were there? man he really knows his beer stuff and is great to talk to.

    • I didn’t, but I’ve been popping in there a lot lately so I’m bound to run into him soon! I’ll ask for him next time, thanks for the tip. Do you go there often Joanne? It’s a super cool spot. I can use their WiFi to work and drink! Another beer favorite of mine there is the Dieu de Ciel “Rigor Mortis”…a beer from Montreal. You have to try it.

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